Due to a medical emergency Norman’s K9 Academy is currently not operating. We will be back with more information very soon, so please check the site in the coming weeks. Thank you

Norman's K9 Academy

Classes Offered & Price List

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Our extensive class offerings can address your dogs' specific needs.

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Norman's K9 Academy
Hours of operation

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: 10-8
Tuesday: 2-8
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 2-8
Friday: 10-8
Saturday: 10-2

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Basic Obedience | 6 Weeks | Group Class | $225 | Push for more info >

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This class teaches the basic commands; heel, sit, stay and come. These sessions will also address general behavior issues such as jumping on you & your guests. Potty training is also dealt with.
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Intermediate Training | 6 Weeks | Group Class | $275 | Push for more info >

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This course will expand on the things learned in basic obedience and advance your dog to longer stays, behaving during distractions, and heeling during different types of turns. This class will also act as a refresher course and continue your dogs education & willingness to execute your commands.
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Additional dogs from the same family get big discounts!

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Canine Good Citizenship w/Certificate | 6 Weeks | Group Class | $175 | Push for more info >

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This course is recognized by the American Kennel Club and includes a certificate of completion and a CGC standing within the community.

Ten key achievements are required for qualification which include:

> proper greeting of a friendly stranger
> sitting politely
> walking on a loose leash
> appearance (general maintenance),
> walking through a crowd
> sit & down commands
> staying in place
> coming when called
> greeting other dogs
> behaving during distractions
> & supervised separation from the owner

This class is required for any therapy dog.
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Advanced Training | 6 Weeks | $300 | Push for more info >

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The advanced training course works your dog through their prior education in obedience while helping take these skills to the next level. Off-leash work will be trained to ensure your dog is safe during off-leash play at parks, hiking, & other fun outdoor activities.
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Classes are available days & evenings to meet most of your scheduling needs.

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Norman's K9 Academy
Hours of operation

Sunday: CLOSED
Monday: 10-8
Wednesday: 10-8
Thursday: 10-8
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: CLOSED

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Private Training Sessions | 6 Weeks | $350 | Push for more info >

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Private training sessions offer a one-on-one training with you & your dog focusing on all aspects of obedience, as well as, any behavioral issues you would like addressed. The individualized concentration creates a deepened bond with your dog and furthers your understanding of canine communication.
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Boarding With Training | 3 Weeks | $500* | Push for more info >

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Many owners take the opportunity to have their dogs trained while on vacation. Taking advantage of the wonderful lodging at All Fur Fun gives you opportunity to have your dog boarded & trained.

The boarding facilities offer personal suites, 24 hour staffed supervision, & plenty of playtime in a 15,000 square foot outdoor play area. All Fur Fun also features 2 inside playrooms.

*FREE EVALUATION REQUIRED PRIOR TO BOARDING. (Boarding length is up to one week & not included in training price. Boarding is on-site at All Fur Fun.)
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All graduates from any class at Norman's K9 Academy receive a certificate of completion and their picture with an official graduation cap!

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